What are septic tanks?

Underground septic tanks and above-ground septic tanks are available for residential, agricultural, commercial, and job site applications.

  • Underground septic tanks are available in 800- and 1650-gallon capacities.
  • Above ground septic tanks are available from 250 gallons to 550 gallons.

All septic tanks are rotationally molds of lineal medium density polyethylene (LMDPE) resin, providing a seamless and durable septic tank that is resistant to corrosion, rust, impact, and punctures. LMDPE septic tanks are resistant to the chemicals and gases that may be found in soil or sewage. These tanks are manufactured with UV inhibitors to prevent sunlight degradation for outdoor applications. Plastic septic tanks have characteristic resistance to fluctuating weather and temperatures, making them tolerant to environmental changes.

These tanks are designated for water waste, sewage, and black water only. They are not FDA certified for potable water use.

Septic tanks are the core unit of a complete septic system, and the features of the LMDPE septic tank provides long tank service lives. These septic tanks are used for homes, construction sites, trailers, cabins, RV parks and for commercial and residential use in areas without municipal sewer lines.

Underground septic tanks are designed for underground burial or as component of a man-made septic system mounds. They are manufactured to be durable and to allow quick installation.

LMDPE septic tanks are more lightweight and easier to install than concrete or fiberglass tanks. They are available in unplumbed or in pre plumbed installation ready options. Heavy Duty ribbed model are provided. They are offered as single compartment or multiple compartment tanks. Septic tanks come fitted with lids.

Above ground septic tanks are black water tanks also known as waste tanks, septic holding tanks, trailer septic tanks, job site tanks, septic tank, RV septic tanks and cottage tanks. They are design to receive various plumbing configurations through couplings, male adapters, and others. Above ground tanks are also designed to be freestanding with a low profile, rectangular shape for fitting beneath a structure.

Our septic tanks are made with high performance resin, with excellent molecular weight and are UV resistant, high-impact, reparable and recyclable. Rotomolded polyethylene septic tanks are designed to provide exceptional strength and stress crack resistance.



  • 800 gallons
  • 65″ H x 60″ W x 74″ L
  • Weight Empty: 425 lbs.
  • Weight Full: 6,672 lbs.


  • 1,650 gallons
  • 78″ H x 74″ W x 90″ L
  • Weight Empty: 825 lbs.
  • Weight Full: 13,761 lbs.

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